Oh, It’s Just A Phase

How in the world is it Friday again? I am pretty sure these weeks go faster and faster as my little one gets bigger and bigger. She will be 3 months old next week. ahhh!!

Nonetheless, the reason we are all here, I am sure you have heard from other moms and even your parents, "Oh, its just a phase - they will grow out of it." Those words have been especially hard to grasp, this week. My sweet babe has severe acid reflux and is allergic to something I am eating, that we have yet to determine. Some days are great and some days suck - point blank. She struggles to take naps longer than 30 minutes, because her tummy bothers her and she wakes up screaming. She struggles to sleep at night because her tummy bothers her. She struggles to nurse because her tummy bother her. See a pattern? It's hard to see your babe in pain. It's even harder to not know how to help. And on top of it all, momma doesn't get a break. If baby doesn't sleep, momma doesn't sleep or have time do the dishes, or the laundry, or take a moment for herself.

I struggle to take a deep breath during these times. It is just a phase & we will never get this time back. Despite her struggles, she is one happy baby! This is a reminder that not only are the tough times a phase, but so are the good. Enjoy them. Relish in them. If they want to only nap on you the ENTIRE day - let them. You'll miss these times when they are gone.

Chelsea's Weekly Tidbits

A dear friend of mine is pregnant and due any day now. One thing I did right after my daughter, Emily, was born was start the ‘Chelsea’s Daily Tidbits.’ I would text her each day with something new I’d learned about being a mom. I’d like to do that here. Each week I will leave a section for my ‘tidbits.’ This could be anything. Suggestions on gadgets. Suggestions for postpartum - and maybe just mom thoughts, for the day! These are not eyeopening revelations, but things I did not think about before she was here. These are not adds.

Friday, March 4th,

Baby Merlin's Magic Sleepsuit

I chose to highlight this gadget as it has been a big part of our week. Miss Emily has decided to roll over in her swaddle, in her bassinet. So, because that gives me great anxiety and it's not safe - we bought this sweet suit. She has the feeling of being swaddled because it is so heavy, but can move around if she rolls over to her stomach.

I will tell you, I laughed for a good 10 minutes when I put her in it. It's pretty hysterical looking, but it does the job. I joke that we might just buy her an astronaut helmet (is it called a helmet?) for Halloween and she can wear this suit.

Perfect, right?

Until next time, much love,


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I joined the journey of motherhood in February when I gave birth to my daughter, Emily. Motherhood is such a blessing, but in no way easy. I blog to encourage, love, and support other moms.  

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