Day 3: It Gets Harder Before It Gets Easier

Ahhh - Day 3! Am I crazy to think that it should be easier at this point? Probably. I'm just emotionally drained and am so ready to be back to a routine!

The past couple days have been fairly easy first thing in the morning. I can distract her from needing her morning nursing session, very easily, BUT not on Day 3. Day 3, she NEEDED to nurse or she was going to lose it. Well, she lost it. From 0-100 in .5 seconds - but was immediately distracted. Crisis averted.

I have been pumping first thing in the morning, at lunch time, and after Emily goes to sleep. Well, yesterday, there was no need to pump at lunch time. My supply is dropping at a crazy rate. I guess my girl was nursing way more than I thought. & honestly, not just because pumping is a pain in the butt, but she doesn't want to drink my pumped milk, so I am kinda glad I won't be pumping much longer.

Honestly, most of this day was pretty manageable! I think she is getting used to not nursing, more and more. THEN there was dinner. HOLY COW. I think it was a combination of exhaustion, teething, the fact that she's a toddler, and she realized she couldn't nurse, but dinner time suddenly became a scream fest. I am not even sure what she was mad about. Brandon and I looked at each other in pure amazement that someone could scream so loud and for so long, and we have no idea what actually set her off. WOW!! Poor girl. All she wanted was her mama, but she really just wanted to nurse with me. It was a hard ending to that night.

But, as I have every other time. I just tried to love her through it. Lots of hugs, kisses, and sweet words.

I am hopeful that we will continue to gain momentum. We are definitely making progress!!

Thank you all so much for following this WILD journey!

Until next time, much love,


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I joined the journey of motherhood in February when I gave birth to my daughter, Emily. Motherhood is such a blessing, but in no way easy. I blog to encourage, love, and support other moms.  

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