Day, I don't remember anymore!

We are past the one week mark of weaning & I thought we were doing so well. The weekend was so smooth - but I remembered why, my husband was home all weekend. He could put her down for a nap, and I didnt have to sit in the car so she could nap. He could distract her if she asked to nurse. He was so helpful this weekend - I almost forgot we were still transitioning.

So, just a few updates:

- As of Saturday, I am no longer pumping. I am not 100% dried up, but know my supply is dropping quickly.

- She is finally eating full meals. I have been so anxious about this. Not that I believe she would starve herself, but she hasnt ever had to eat a ton of real food because she knew she would get substance from me. BUT, finally, she is eating like a "normal" toddler (whatever that means).

- I am still not able to rock her to sleep, for naps or bedtime, in our rocking chair. Though bedtime tonight was the easiest its been! I think I will be putting my baby girl to bed, by the end of the week.

BUT, with all of the positive, there have definitely been some hard times. Today, was hard. Her molars are coming in & so the poor thing just wanted to nurse. She wanted comfort from her mama! It was really hard for me - though the thought of nursing and the habit of having her that close to me, is becoming more foreign and less of a habit, I missed it, and wished I could just comfort her in that way.

We made it through today. How? Toy Story! Guys, I don't love my kid watching so much TV, but I did not care today. Let's rephrase that. I have not cared for the past week. If it makes my baby girl happy and she isnt crying, then fine, she can watch a movie!!

New habits and routines are soon to come!

Thank you all for following along!

Until next time, much love,


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I joined the journey of motherhood in February when I gave birth to my daughter, Emily. Motherhood is such a blessing, but in no way easy. I blog to encourage, love, and support other moms.  

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