Natural Child Birth: The Why, How, & Ow!!

The Why!

Why would anyone in their right mind choose a natural child birth when drugs are available, common, & can make for a more pleasant experience? Well, before my husband and I were even married, actually even before we were a thought in each other's mind, my desire was to have a natural child birth - and actually I really wanted a natural home birth, if I am being 100% honest. And here's why... {short story time}. I was actually out to dinner & dessert with a friend {and her friends, that I was just meeting for the first time} for her birthday, and one of her friends was sharing her most recent birth story. You guys, I was absolutely mesmerized and in love with this story. I was captivated with the ability of this woman's body to birth a baby, unmedicated & at home. I left dinner and dessert on such a high. I could not have been more excited and in awe of our bodies, as women, to not only create and carry life but to also bring that baby into this world, with such grace and love. I wanted this for myself and my future baby.

So, fast forward to becoming pregnant at 29 years old, I still believed this was the path for me - but I wanted to make sure both my husband and I were educated enough to make the best birthing decisions for myself and our soon to-be daughter. Through much research, we believed the Bradley Method was the best fit for what we envisioned. This method focuses on diet, exercise, relaxation, and education to ensure a safe and unmedicated birth. Through this method we learned how to practice relaxation techniques, eat a high protein diet {I'll explain why this is important later}, all about our bodies and pregnancy, and exercise techniques to best help me during labor. The more I learned, the more I was sure this was the path for me.

This is where I believe the lines of How and Why get very blurry. Why did I choose this way of birth? Because I had some unexplainable force telling me, from a young age, that it was what I wanted and could accomplish. & through birthing classes, I learned so much about my body and its abilities, that I knew I could and should do this. So, then how did I do this? Almost for the same reasons above.

The How!

Through education & mental strengthening. I firmly believe this process was as much a mental work out as it was a physical one. The Bradley Method, for good and bad, is 12 weeks long. Who in their right mind has 2 hours a week for 12 weeks, to commit to a birthing class? I hear ya. It is a lot. But it was an investment I was willing to make. But, because it is 12 weeks long, you and your "coach" {whoever you designate to be next to you, assisting, during labor} have time to process and mentally prepare for a natural child birth. By the time I was in labor, there was no alternative. I had mentally prepared and envisioned the birth I hoped for, for so long. I was ready - mentally. This program's length is one reason it does have the highest rate {90%} of unmedicated births.

So, not only does spending more time mentally preparing for an unmedicated birth, increase your chances of one, but so does education. This method operates by giving each mother and coach, a workbook. Each week, as a class, you work through the book. Time is spent learning about nutrition during pregnancy, physical aspects of pregnancy and labor, stages of labor, & how to best handle those stages, among other things.

5 Things I Learned:

- The Transition Stage of Labor is the most intense stage, but means you are near the end. Often times this is when women request an epidural. So, if you can push through this stage, your baby will be here before you know it.

- Eating 100g of protein a day reduces your chances of preeclampsia to 0%.

- How to relax {this might sound like a no-brainer, but it was hard for me before this program}

- I have power over my birth - I knew how to approach doctors and nurses with my hopes and wishes for my birth

- Your body will have a natural urge to push - you can't control it - this is what it was meant to do

My body was made to do this & was made to do it without drugs. BUT I am a strong proponent of giving birth any way that makes mama feel comfortable. What is best for mama is best for baby. Knowing the intricate pieces of labor & physically and mentally preparing, helped me feel confident and comfortable with the process.

Each Week I Was:

- Eating 100g protein everyday & documenting what I was eating

- Exercising 2-3x week

- Practicing relaxation

- Educating myself on the process

- Mentally preparing by attending birthing class

The OW!

Around week 33, anxiety set in. I was terrified of the pain I was about to experience - not from contractions but from actually pushing her out. It wasn't until week 36 or 37 where I truly felt confident and secure in my body's job to handle it & the anxiety slipped away. Was I still scared? Sure, but the confidence outweighed any fear.

& No, that doesn't mean it was a pleasant experience. I wish I was one of those amazing women who have this picturesque home birth in a tub with absolutely no stress or sound. Nope, not me! I screamed. SCREAMED. That was not in the plan. Somewhere the plan had gotten away from me and while transitioning, I struggled to relax, so I screamed - through each contraction. But, I knew I was in transition and the pain would be over soon. And through all of the pain and each stage, the pain of the contractions was far greater than any pain of pushing her out.

I loved my birthing experience. I loved the freedom I had to walk around my labor and delivery room as needed. I loved being able to manage my pain in any way I saw fit. I was even up and walking around within an hour or so after giving birth. I felt so empowered during the whole experience.

I am such a firm believer in obtaining the birth you want. I would love to answer any questions - if you have them. Feel free to reach out at

Until next time, much love,


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