I'm Struggling

Call it being overwhelmed, call it writers block, even call it #momlife, I haven’t written here in a while.


I’m struggling. & I think for all of those things listed above. #momlife is not for the faint of heart & I want to share that. I started this blog to be transparent – whether that was to offer a laugh, some real mom moments, or support, I want to be real and relatable. I want for, even one mom, to feel heard and understood. I have struggled with what to write for so long. I have SO much to say and so many moms I want to reach out to, so what do I write about first? Do I write a post a day, just to get it all out to you? So, yes, overwhelmed with how to find time to write and to get it all out to you, in a way that explains my story but reaches you all! So, yes, writers block, because I haven’t been able to find the right words. And, yes, #momlife, the fact that my kid doesn’t nap. Between the laundry and dishes, the vacuuming and the dusting, and the nursing and rocking sessions that NEVER lead to a nap, when do I write?

So, I am sorry! Thank you for your patience! It’s coming, so much is coming!!

What do you want to know? What do you want to read? Leave it in the comments!!


About Chelsea

I joined the journey of motherhood in February when I gave birth to my daughter, Emily. Motherhood is such a blessing, but in no way easy. I blog to encourage, love, and support other moms.  

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