A Birth Story: Molly Brunetti

September 7, 2018

Everyone's mama story is unique and different & so very beautiful. I can't help but be so entranced by a new mama telling her story. However you got to that position of mama, is beautiful & I want to celebrate that. So, please welcome Molly to the blog to share her wonderful mama story! Follow her on instagram @goodgollymissmolly8.


"I never thought that giving birth would be anywhere close to easy since my journey to motherhood was such a difficult one.  After 4 years of trying to get pregnant my husband and I decided that IVF was our best option.  After countless doctor appointments, medications, and needles I finally got the positive pregnancy test that I had longed for.  The kicker was that I was pregnant with twins!


My pregnancy was anything but easy.  At 8 weeks I suffered a bleed that kept me on light duty.  At 12 weeks I lost one of my babies.  Throughout my pregnancy I had high blood pressure, was diagnosed with placenta previa and had a baby measuring 4 weeks ahead.  All of these which led my doctor to believe that a C-Section was going to be my best choice.  Because of this I decided to forego reading any child birth materials or attending childbirth classes because it seemed useless to me now.


Fast forward to my due date, Super Bowl Sunday 2018, as my husband and I drove to the hospital for my scheduled induction.  In the previous weeks all of the original concerns were now non-existent and this “unprepared planner” was now going to be induced for a natural childbirth.


On 2/4/2018 @ 10:00pm I was checked into my room at Scottsdale Shea Hospital and hooked up to antibiotics and an IV of Pitocin.  I was already having contractions which I was totally unaware of.  Pitocin is no joke!  Within an hour or so I was having the strongest contractions that were so painful and brought me to tears.  By 2am, I still hadn’t dilated and I decided that I was ready for an epidural.  If you are on the fence about getting an epidural…DO IT!  From this point forward my birth story was completely stress free and beautiful for my husband and I.





After the epidural my husband and I turned the lights off in the room and I slept for a few glorious hours!  I woke up refreshed and ready to finally meet this sweet baby of mine.  At around 7am my nurse checked me and I dilated to an 8 so she called my doctor to see where to go from here.  My doctor came to the hospital and broke my water for me.  She explained that things would still take some time and that she would come back up and check on me at her lunch break if I hadn’t progressed further by then. 


At around 10am I was fully dilated and my nurse decided that it would be a good idea to get me into the birthing position and try a few practice pushes before she called my doctor to head on over.  I had my legs up in the stirrups and I completed my first 10 second practice push and that is when I heard the nurse gasp a little bit.  She very calmly said to me “Ok hun well the baby’s head popped out on the practice push, you hang tight and I am going to go call the doctor to head in ASAP.”  Hang tight???  My baby boys head was literally peeking out of my vagina!  The next 25 minutes seemed like forever.  I just laid there with my legs open waiting for my doctor to get to the hospital.  My husband kept taking photos of his head to show me the hair color and I could actually reach down and touch him. 




At 11am my doctor finally arrived and after 3 pushes he was born!  After years of praying for him my beautiful baby boy, Luciano William Brunetti, was finally in my arms.  7 lbs 7oz and 21” long of pure baby goodness."





If you would like to share your story on the blog, message me at contact@chelsea-boxrud.com.



Until next time, much love,







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