5 Ways to Enhance your Child's Learning

July 27, 2018

I am so blessed and honored to have a guest blogger on here today! Her and I worked together to share my birth story with her readers, a couple months ago, and she so graciously offered to share her knowledge with my readers.  Mariana has such a passion for pregnancy, childbirth, and children & has quite the list of qualifications. Check her out on Instagram @bumptobabies. So, enjoy! 



Hello there! My name is Mariana with Bump to Babies and Chelsea has so graciously welcomed me on her blog to talk about my takes on early toddler learning! I am so excited for this! I’m just going to go ahead and dive right in by saying this. Each child is unique. Obviously! But sometimes parents and education providers forget this in the early years and obsess over the meeting of milestones more so than they should. The milestones are there for guideline purposes but aren’t an end all be all. There is no need to panic if little Susie at playgroup knows all of her letters while your child is still trying to speak in sentences. So just remember each child develops at their own pace and learning should be fun for everyone involved! Also having said this I would love to share my top 5 favorite tips for early learning! 


  1. Talk to your kiddo. Narrate everything. The more words they’re hearing the more words they’ll begin to associate and say. Plus it makes for interesting conversations in the grocery store when you’re overly excited about the color of plums😂

  2. SENSORY BINS. Even from a young age. Texture and different kinds of texture at once engages their senses and their imagination. Sensory Bins can also grow with them and make it even the more fun!

  3. LABEL everything. This might seem silly but small kiddos will begin to associate the words on the labels with the items they’re stuck too...this will help with learning to read wayyy down the road.

  4. Sing. Sing. Sing. Young brains are learning around 10 new words a day and are more keen to remember silly songs leading to a higher vocabulary and PLUS they’re so much fun and catchy.

  5. Let the child lead. If you see your sweet babe interested in the weather and nagging you with every question under the sun (pun intended) introduce more weather related things into your day! Kids are most receptive to learn when the task at hand is something they want. 


Y’all. There are so many more tips and tricks but I didn’t want to keep you all day! These are my condensed top 5! For more on toddler learning and sweet babes and pregnancy check out bumptobabies.blog and @bumptobabies on social media! Thank you for reading!



Until next time, much love,




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