Emily Jean: 5 Month Update

July 12, 2018




Emily is 5 months old {today, the 12th}. This last month has probably been the most fun, yet the most exhausting. Our little girl is looking & acting more like a tiny human than a baby, each day! She is one happy & smiley baby!




Sleep: Despite struggling with the dreaded 4 month sleep regression - Emily is back to sleeping 9-11 hours each night {no middle of the night feedings}. However, she does not nap during the day. If I am lucky, she will take one nap lasting an hour or nap in her car seat while we are out and about. She is going to bed around 7:00 - 7:30 p.m. and gets up around 5:30 - 6:30 a.m. each day, in her own room! 







Eat: Emily is still exclusively breastfed. Because of her allergies we are holding off until 6 months to introduce any solids. Though, she did taste some of moms butternut squash soup the other day & liked it. 


Play: Emily loves her Skip*Hop jumper. Just in the past week or so she has learned to bring all of the toys to her mouth. She loves shaking the rattle &  looking at herself in the mirror. She doesn't spend a lot of time on the floor, but when she is, she is trying very hard to roll from back to tummy {she is so close} & will grab at the toys hanging above her. She loves it when books are read to her. Emily patiently listens to the story and takes in all of the beautiful pictures.







- When Mommy & Daddy read & sing to her

- Bath Time

- Her new cousin Owen

- Her Puppies

- The Aquarium

- Screaming

- Putting her hands in her mouth



- Car rides {sometimes}

- Bottles & Pacifiers






 Until next time, much love,







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