5 things I Wish I Would Have Done During My 1st Pregnancy

July 6, 2018



1. Taken More Bump Pictures 


No, I don't mean take more pictures to share them all over social media, but take bump pictures every week. I think it was hard in the moment, especially in the early weeks to feel pretty. I was so very sick & just felt so bloated and icky. I wanted nothing to do with pictures. Then towards the end, I was so swollen. My face and hands just looked so chubby - I was even reluctant to take pictures at my baby shower. I hated going back to look at them (while still pregnant). Now? Now I wish I had those special moments. I was creating life. Pregnancy is beautiful, not always enjoyable, but beautiful - I wish I had more pictures to show for it. We did not a maternity shoot & I am so thankful for that - but I wish I had more pictures along the way.


2. Talked to Her in the Womb


I loved her- from the moment we found out we were pregnant. BUT I think I struggled to connect with her in the womb. Any others mom relate? I read to her and had my husband read to her each night, but I struggled to have meaningful or even silly conversations with her. Not that I think she missed out, but I think I missed out on what could have been sweet and meaningful moments between my daughter and I. Of course I am looking at this hindsight and see this sweet baby girl I created and can now say I wish I knew her, before I knew her. Does that make sense? 


3  Keep a Record of My Pregnancy


10 months. My little girl grew inside of me for 10 months. I remember days when I felt so sick I couldn't get out of bed, but I knew that meant she was growing big and strong. I remember days where she would move and kick so much I couldn't sleep. I also remember days of worry that she hadn't kicked in hours. Was she okay? Did I need to go to the ER for a ultrasound? I remember when she first started hiccuping in the womb or when she kicked for the first time. Unfortunately, I have small, brief memories of those moments. I wish I would have written all of this down to enjoy and reminisce later. 


4. Worn Lingerie 


Though in the beginning and towards the end of my pregnancy, I felt less attractive, there were so many moments during the middle where I felt so very confident of my growing belly. I loved that I was growing a little human inside of me. I was so proud of my ever changing body. I would say I even felt sexy at times. I wish I would have used that time to embrace all that I was in that moment. My body will never be quite the same again - for good & bad.


5. Not Stressed About the Little Things


Nesting is normal. Oh, so normal. I just happen to have my brother in-law, sister, and fur nephew living with me during this time. I was stressed on a good day, then add extra dog fur & laundry & even dishes to the mix and I was a stressed mama. Did any of it matter? No, my little girl was going to come home and feel loved no matter what. I could have done without the stress! 


 Until Next time, Much Love,




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